PlasFree® Series

PlasFree®  Masterbatch 

Able to Compound  various polymers.

Lower cost, Increase diversity, Increase biobased 

PlasFree® HC Series

For Injection, Extrusion or straws, the variety usage on our world certified series

PlasFree® SC series 

Shopping bag、Agriculture mulch and coating are all biodegradable

Wide range in application. Dynamic implementation on various products, Injection, Thermoforming, and Blowing. We provide solutions for all kinds of scenarios. Allow the transfer easy and smooth. 

Competitive Advantage

Revolutional Biotech. 

>  Made from Tpioca starch

>  Patent Tech. Hydrophobicity & Heat Endurance 

>  Wide variety application

Service and support

>  Customization on semi-finished products 

>  Quality service with professional tech. team

>  Optimizing production 

Environmental Protection

>  81 % High Biobased

>  No heavy metal and toxic substance 

>  Build sustainable cycle  

Worldwide Certificate

The PlasFree® series from Green World acquired international certifications, including TUV Biobased, European Seedling, and Australian Seedling certifications. This product is certified in accordance with EN 13432, ASTMD6400, and AS4736-2006.

Ensure that the product meets the reference standards and verification requirements. Its labels are for the consumer to properly identify the products that are compostable. 

Certificate No. ABAP 10123   

Registration No.

7P1002 . 7P1003

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