PlasFree® Series 

 ( Compostable Material Innovated by Green World Biotech Co.)

Worldwide Certifications 

The PlasFree® series from Green World is compostable material made from tapioca starch. And turning them into compostable pellets that would apply on multiple applications.   We acquired international certifications, including TUV Biobased certification, European Seedling, and Australian Seedling certification. Seedling is a reliable label for compostability. Our series is certified in accordance with EN 13432, ASTMD6400 and AS4736-2006.

Ensure that the product meets the reference standards and verification requirements. Its labels are for the consumer to properly identify the products that are compostable.

Certificate No.            ABAP 10123  

Registration No.

7P1002 . 7P1003

PlasFree Characteristic


Made from Tapioca Starch, with  81% bio-based content.

High Bio-base.            High Sustainability.


A powerful material to imply for any further application.

Hot Coffee. 
Not a Problem. 


PlasFree® is naturally compostable. 


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The Bioplastic

Our Story

In view of the increasing environmental pollution, Green World Biotech Materials Co., Ltd. Developed the " 100% Bio-Degradable Composite Material" started in 2014. And successfully developed the product that can be naturally composted by natural soil.

How it is made

Say hi to Tapioca starch!

 PlasFree Bio-degradable material is a new choice 

Plasfree material is made mainly of world patent technology. We have the certification of Din-Certco 、TUV Austria OK Biobased bio-based certificate, and we are on the way to TUV Austria Industrial TUV Home compost 。

With all the certification and the promising future of our material. A new ecological cycle can start with an eco-friendly way when using our material.  We are not just building a plastic waste-free future, but a concept to a responsible and cleaner way to develop cleaner material to our environment. 

2019 Taiwan Innotech Expo

Gold Medal Award

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