PlasFree® Masterbatch

By using PlasFree Masterbatch(PFM) for compound with others polymers to conduct injection and extrusion process for various application including straw, cutlery or single-use plastic products etc. 

  • Able to compound with other bioplastics (PLA, PBAT or PBS) 
  • Able to compound with conventional plastic(PP, PE or others)
  • Increase end product bio-based content

81% Biobased starch masterbatch, able to compound with polymers(Fossil based or plant) and enhance biobased and remain Highly on its original properties. 

Can compound with PLA, PBS, and PBAT, lower cost, and lower dependence.
World certificate ensured our ability to perform in compostability in sustainable cycle. 

Performance with Masterbatch Compound